from the gods

We produce top-quality, clean and natural hemp products for the well being
of your body, mind and Spirit as the gods intended. More about us below...

CBD From The Gods.

CBD From The Gods is based in the heart of Southern Oregon, which is considered to be the best possible climate for growing the highest quality hemp in the world. Most experts agree that what Bordeaux of France is to wine, Southern Oregon is to hemp. The founders of CBD From The Gods created the company to fulfill a life long passion for making a living by helping others, specifically with hemp. The benefits derived by ingesting this miraculous plant have been known for a long time. Once hemp became Federally legal, CBD From The Gods was established to fulfill the dreams of the founders for responsibly helping others in an all natural way.

Why We Do What We Do

Jason Peterman, Co-Founder of CBD From The Gods: “We started our hemp business to be of service to others. We have a profit motive as well, naturally, but we have the means, the opportunity and the passion to make high quality, clean, all-natural hemp products that help people. Southern Oregon is our home, and we’re honored to be stewards of the hemp plant and make a living sharing its blessings with the world. Our business philosophy is simple, to provide quality products that people can depend on with no gimmicks.

Why The Name CBD From The Gods?

We have a great reverence for Nature. We know that Nature is the grandest of all gifts, without which we could not live, and so we honor it. Mythology, on the other hand, is as interesting as it is mysterious. We’re using mythology much like our ancestors of old. In part for fun, but also to help describe the many unknown forces of nature and the gift of Life Itself. The combination of these was the inspiration for the name CBD From The Gods. To put it simply… CBD Comes From The Gods, The Best Of It Lands In Oregon, And It’s All Just For You.

What You Can Expect From Us

We like to keep things simple. We created a product line that provides only the things you truly need in your CBD products with no gimmicks. As a result, what you can expect from us is the purest, highest-quality, hemp extract products made in Oregon, and always from Oregon grown hemp, because the best products start with the best ingredients. We hope you enjoy using these fine products as much as we enjoy making them.

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