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A Brief History Of Cannabis

Cannabis has been utilized for thousands of years by indigenous peoples. The earliest known documentation was in 2350 BC; a description was found for cannabis as being used MEDICINALLY in ancient Egyptian texts.

Prior to 1937 in the US, Cannabis was one of the top 3 remedies prescribed. Cannabis had been introduced to the US and Europe in the mid 1800’s, due to numerous reports in the medical literature of its therapeutic properties.

The push to tarnish cannabis as a dangerous drug began in the 1930s.

Secret meetings were held to discuss Read more

CBD Defined

Step one is to understand
the difference between
CBD From The Gods – Purity and Integrity

CANNABIS: Whenever you hear the word “cannabis,” know that it is a single plant made up of three different species which are 1) Cannabis sativa, 2) Cannabis indica, and 3) Cannabis ruderalis. The word CANNABIS is a single, umbrella term used for describing “one plant and the various forms it officially takes.”

HEMP: Hemp is the plant we’re interested in here at CBD From The Gods. It is the member of the “cannabis family” that is RICH in CBD (CBD defined below) possessing over 125 highly beneficial compounds. HEMP delivers all the benefits “without the high” and has Read more

The All Important “Endocannabinoid System”

The Endocannabinoid System – ECS, is a molecular signaling system within the biology of all mammals that is responsible for maintaining optimal balance in the body – homeostasis.

This system was discovered by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam in 1980 while undergoing research into cannabinoids. This discovery has caused a huge upsurge of scientific research and interest and over 500 active researchers from around the world can Read more