to the status quo


Generation Y, AKA Millennials, were born between 1980 and 1995. This generation has come of age during the initial explosion of the information age. Growing up with computers in the home, the early days of the internet, and being the first generation with unfettered access to widespread entertainment, this generation (for better and for worse) has been on the front lines of the TECH BOOM from the start.

Jump to the present, and what are Millennials contending with now, as a group?

A world obsessed with technology causing social divides that threaten humanity’s better nature. Higher student debt and a diminishing job market. A disappearing middle class and rising unemployment. Spiking economic and political corruption. An endless stream of phony wars and proxy wars. The highest divorce rate in history. Souring food prices and healthcare costs. An alarming rise in homelessness and the largest divide between “the haves and have nots” since the great depression.

It is no wonder why this generation has learned to SAY NO! As millennials mature into full fledged adulthood, we’re starting to see how “their refusal to maintain the status quo” is manifesting. Here’s a few great videos showing that process in full swing!

Perhaps a little CBD From The Gods to calm your mind and boost your body as you go about your business of saving the world to benefit us all will help? It’s the least we can do. 🙂

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